Garage Doors Repair and Service in Rochester Hills

Don’t let the need for garage door repair in the Rochester Hills area mean that your car is left in your driveway instead of safely parked under cover. Advanced Door Specialties can come to your rescue if your garage door is making strange noises or squeaking, which is often the first signs of a problem. Call us and we’ll make sure it doesn’t get any worse with our excellent garage door repair and service in Rochester Hills.

What a Garage Door Repair Includes

Your garage door is a well-used feature of your home, and for many it will get more use than your front door. If it’s not working right it can be a nightmare, so getting it repaired and serviced should be a top priority. Advanced Doors Specialties can repair almost every part of your garage doors including rollers, springs, cables, sensors, and panels.

Garage Doors Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Garage doors aren’t something we spend much time thinking about, but they actually come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes. They have come a long way from the early days and are much stronger, more secure, and better insulated. All the advances mean you can expect them to last much longer and require far less maintenance.

Steel is the most common material they are made from, with wood coming in a close second. Both provide homeowners with a fantastic look and feel. Steel, however, is much more durable and can be painted any color a customer wants.

Signs of Garage Door Repairs You Need to Look For

When it comes to repair and garage door service in Rochester Hills, there are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for. It’s much better to call in the experts before your doors fail and you’re stuck inside or outside. Here are the signs that you need a garage door repair.

  • Slow to respond or not opening – if your garage doors won’t open or close, this is a definite sign there is something wrong. If it is taking more time than normal when you press the open/close button, it’s time to give us a call.
  • Excessive noise – some noise is to be expected. Older doors in Rochester Hills will generally creak more and more, so if you notice this, call for garage doors service.
  • Sagging – repairs will be needed if your doors have come off their tracks. If your doors aren’t balanced this can also indicate a problem.
  • Damaged cables – this is a very dangerous situation and needs to be remedied immediately, before the doors break and a member of your family is injured.

Garage Doors Repair and Service in Rochester Hills

If you’re experiencing any kind of problem then give Advanced Door Specialties, Inc a call on (586) 939-4430.