Entry Doors in Rochester Hills

It’s the first thing people notice when coming to your home, so of course you want to make a good impression. And just like an old friend, it’s what first welcomes you home after a long day. A quick and easy way to give your home a facelift is by replacing your entry door. Advanced Door Specialties in Rochester Hills area can help with your entry door needs. You can pick the right door for your home, from a vast array of colors and styles. You might decide to choose a bold, bright color to make a statement. Or perhaps a softer shade will be better for those wanting a more subtle look.

Make an Entrance With Your Choice of Entry Door

Your entry door should be so much more than just the front door to your home. It is what will get the most attention from passersby and those who come knocking. As well as color and style, Rochester Hills residents can also choose from a wide range of entry door materials. For example:

  • Fiberglass – This material is resistant to wear and tear and can be painted or stained to suit your homes exterior. Prices are moderate and little maintenance is required.
  • Steel – This type of door is fairly inexpensive but offers a good level of security and weather resistance. Little maintenance is required and they are very energy efficient.
  • Wood – If you want a high end look then wood is the answer. Wood is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Scratches are easy to repair.

Tips for Choosing the Best Entry Doors in Rochester Hills

  • Do some online research – investigate the different materials available and their pros and cons.
  • Consider energy efficiency – look for entry door models that are Energy Star qualified as these will have been independently tested and certified. It is also likely they will have tighter-fitting frames, energy-efficient cores, and insulated glass.
  • Entry doors – these door systems are pre-hung in a frame. There will be pre-drilled holes for a knob and deadbolt. Choose a professional entry door company in Rochester Hills like Advanced Door Specialties to ensure you door is fitted correctly.

Your Local Entry Doors Installer in Rochester Hills

For all your entry door needs call Advanced Door Specialties, Inc at (586) 939-4430. We will ensure your entry door makes the right kind of statement and keeps your home and family safe and secure.